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I hate starting every blog post with an apology, but I suppose the only way to fix that is to actually get into a rhythm of regular posting again.  In the past month I took a vacation and started two new jobs, but that’s really no excuse for abandoning Mitten History for this long. I’ve got a couple of longer posts in the works, but this one will just be a short update. I spent the weekend playing tour guide to a few friends from Ohio, which I (and hopefully they) thoroughly enjoyed. We managed to make it to Eastern Market, The Henry Ford and the Detroit Institute of Arts, as well as stop at some of my favorite local restaurants: Detroit mainstay Buddy’s Pizza and newcomer Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes. All in all, it was a fun Detroit-filled weekend, and I loved it.

While in Eastern Market, I managed to get a few good photographs of the Flint Faience tiles I mentioned in the Eastern Market: Part II post, and I wanted to share those pictures here. If you are ever shopping at the market, it’s well worth the one block walk over to the corner of Winder and Orleans to check these out on the old E&B Brewery building.



photo (3)

image (2)

I also discovered that my new phone has a panorama function, which I used to take this great shot of the Detroit Industry murals at the DIA:





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